HIL supports basic logging of the API calls received in the below format, recording the user who issued the API call (or guest if the user was unauthenticated) and the time. Log files are rotated daily.

2016-03-31 14:55:07,961 - hil.rest - INFO - (guest) - API call: list_projects()


Logging can be configured with the following options in hil.cfg.

log_level = DEBUG
log_dir = /var/log/hil

log_dir specifies the directory where the log files will be stored. The HIL user must have write permissions to this directory. If the option is omitted logging to files is disabled.

log_level specifies the logging level to record. Valid options are: CRITICAL, DEBUG, ERROR, FATAL, INFO, WARN, WARNING. The default value is WARNING, but an option of INFO is recommended for an API log (A log level of INFO is set for API calls).

For more information on logging visit the python 2 documentation.